Can You Delay Your Auto Repair? Here's How To Decide

According toBankrate, Inc., about 63% of Americans can't afford a $500 car repair. Auto repair can be expensive, but delaying it can cost you even more. Nonetheless, some car repair services can be delayed. This time period can give you some time to save up for repair. Here's how you can decide whether or not you can delay auto repair. Problem Parts First, you have to identify which are the problem parts.

Engine Noises? Here's What To Look For

Some noises are just part of your car's normal operations. However, once you hear weird noises, sounds that you are not accustomed to hear, there could be problems in your car. You should not ignore these sounds and more often than not, you need to go to your auto repair shop as soon as possible for a performance tuning or repair. Here's what to look for when observing engine noises.

Things To Know As A New European Car Owner

  European cars are highly regarded as high performance and in some cases luxury cars. You are dreaming of having a BMW, a Range Rover or a Mercedes, but are probably worried about repairs. You have heard many rumors about European cars and don't know which ones to believe. Below, we put the record straight on what you really need to know about euro car repair. Special Skills One common mistake that motorists make is to assume that every mechanic can fix any car.

How To Fix Small Paint Chips

Do you have a few annoying dents and dings on your car surface that you want to take care of? Are they small enough that you don't necessarily want to take them in to get professionally fixed, but big enough that you notice them? If you can't afford or don't want to take your car to an auto body shop, you should consider fixing them yourself. Most small car dings can be easily fixed if you have the right products.

3 Modern Improvements To Make Restorations Ready For Everyday Driving

Classic car restorations are rewarding, but if you really want to enjoy the fruits of your labor, you will want something you can drive. To make your restoration something that you can drive, you want to consider safety, performance and fuel economy. Here are some improvements to do to your restoration project that will help get it ready for everyday driving: 1. Safer Driving with Modern Brakes and Suspension The first thing that you will want to consider for restorations is the safety of your car.