2 Tips For Maintaining The Glass Coating On Your Vehicle

Glass coating is designed to help protect your vehicle from corrosion and wear and tear from the weather. Glass coatings can help ensure that your vehicle makes it through the harsh winter months without getting worn down or damaged. Here are a few ways to take care of the protective glass coating on your automobile. #1 Wash Your Vehicle & Be Sure To Dry It When you have a glass coating on your vehicle, you can still wash it like you normally would.

When To Be Worried About Car Noises

If you have owned a car for a decent amount of time and are accustomed to driving it, your car feels almost like a well fitting shoe. If anything is out of whack in the form of a foreign noise, you will pick up on it very quickly. Any car noise out of the ordinary should be an immediate cause of worry and should be looked into at the earliest convenience at an auto repair garage.

Get Your Car Ready For Winter! Tips For You

Winter is not only coming, but in many places across the U.S., it is already here. And along with the winter cold come the snow, ice, and harsh conditions that can wreak havoc on your car. You do not want to leave your car unprepared for winter anymore than you would want to leave yourself unprepared for winter. As such, it is important to get to know some of the steps you can take to get your car ready for winter and all of the driving conditions that come along with it.

A Guide To Engine Tune-Ups

If you're looking to get the most out of your automobile, you'll need to be mindful of how you are maintaining it. One of the main ways that you'll be able to care for your vehicle is through vehicle tune-ups. By touching base with a shop that can handle your auto tune-ups, you'll be in a great position to make your vehicle less expensive to own, and will get great engine efficiency.

How Dark Should My Car Tinted Window Be?

Thinking of tinting your car window? Car window tinting offers a lot of advantages. It keeps away the glare of the sun while protecting you from UV rays. It offers more privacy and keeps your car cooler. Lastly, it adds some aesthetic appeal to your car. So how dark should your tinting be? There are several factors to consider before answering this question. The Law Car window tinting is measured in VLT% that is the amount of light that can pass through the window.