3 Modern Improvements To Make Restorations Ready For Everyday Driving

Classic car restorations are rewarding, but if you really want to enjoy the fruits of your labor, you will want something you can drive. To make your restoration something that you can drive, you want to consider safety, performance and fuel economy. Here are some improvements to do to your restoration project that will help get it ready for everyday driving:

1. Safer Driving with Modern Brakes and Suspension

The first thing that you will want to consider for restorations is the safety of your car. If you are going to be using your car for daily driving purposes, then you will want to do a few upgrades to the brakes and suspension. First, modern brakes are anti-lock systems that prevent brakes from locking up when you panic and slam your foot on the brakes. Older cars often have rear drum brakes, which do not perform as well as disk brakes. Upgrade brakes with four-wheel anti-lock disk brakes. In addition, consider adding tie rods and other components to stiffen the suspension. These improvements will help make driving safer and improve the handling of your car.

2. Performance Improvements for Everyday Driving and Traffic

If you have ever been in traffic with your car overheating, you know that it is not fun. Improvements for performance can help prevent these problems, such as adding an auxiliary fan and improving air flow. Installing fuel injection to replace carburetors will also help give you different fuel settings for different driving conditions. In addition, you may want to consider upgrades to the cooling system, such as a secondary radiator to cool larger engines in traffic.

3. Classic Fuel System Upgrades for Better Mileage in Daily Drivers

Most older cars have outdated technology when it comes to fuel consumption. Consider improvements like computer modules and tuning chips that give you the benefit of adjusting fuel systems for driving conditions and needs. In addition, using replacement parts that weigh less will also help improve your overall fuel economy. It is also important to have the right set of tires to optimize fuel-efficiency in your classic car. Modern tunning modules allow you to monitor performance and fuel consumption in real time, as well as set different performance settings. 

These are some tips that will help get your classic car restoration ready for everyday driving. Contact an auto service to help with some of these upgrades to make your classic a modern-day grocery-getter.