4 Common Car Repair Issues You Can Handle Yourself

While some car problems require heading to the auto mechanic shop for professional diagnosis and repair, others can disappear with easy DIY fixes done right in your home garage. Here are a few common car issues that you can easily fix yourself. Dirty Engine Oil Your car's engine heavily relies on engine oil to keep running smoothly and efficiently. However, engine oil gets dirty over time from all the contaminants it picks up while the engine is running.

Is a Slow Transmission Leak a Problem?

Like many mechanical parts of your car, your automatic transmission relies on its fluid to operate correctly and reliably. The oil in your car's transmission serves three essential functions: lubrication, cooling, and hydraulic pressure. A low fluid condition not only prevents your transmission from shifting smoothly but can also wear down internal parts and cause catastrophically expensive damage. Since transmission fluid leaks don't always occur for the same reason, they won't always present the same symptoms.

Buying New Tires For Your Car

The tires of your car are among the most important components when it comes to ensuring that you are able to maintain control of the vehicle while in operation. Not surprisingly, you will need to invest in replacing the tires of your car on a regular basis. Otherwise, you may be at a much greater risk of experiencing a significant loss of control of your vehicle. Be Careful When Choosing To Buy Used Tires

Maintaining 2 Critical Parts on Your Semi Truck to Ensure Safety and Reliability

Driving a commercial semi-truck every day comes with some responsibilities like keeping the truck in good condition, so it is safe to drive on public roads. Semi-truck repair and maintenance play a significant role in keeping the truck running and making sure you do not end up in an accident because something on the truck failed. 1. Tires Maintenance One of the most critical parts of any commercial truck is the tires.