How To Fix Small Paint Chips

Do you have a few annoying dents and dings on your car surface that you want to take care of? Are they small enough that you don't necessarily want to take them in to get professionally fixed, but big enough that you notice them? If you can't afford or don't want to take your car to an auto body shop, you should consider fixing them yourself. Most small car dings can be easily fixed if you have the right products. This article should help you determine whether or not your dings, holes, scratches, dance, or chips can be fixed on your own, or if you need to hire professionals. It will also explain the best tools and supplies for achieving a professional looking repair job.

Leave It to the Pros or DIY

If there is serious damage to the actual contour and shape of your car body, you should leave it to professionals. Also, if there is an actual hole in the car body that is bigger than a quarter, you should probably leave this repair to professionals. However, if you just have a small paint chip, a little bit of rust, or a shallow scratch, you should fix these yourself. Even if these blemishes are small for now, you should fix them as soon as possible. The longer you leave them alone and fail to fix them, the greater the risk of them growing and becoming harder and more expensive to fix.

What You Need for Simple Repairs

First of all, most repair jobs can probably be done with just a little bit of autobody paint and sandpaper. You can get both of these from auto repair stores, or directly from the dealership. It is usually best if you get the paint from the dealership. This way you know you will have an exact color match.

If there is an actual hole or small dent that you need to fill in, you will also need auto body filler. Auto body filler is actually not that difficult to work with. If you have ever patched wood or drywall, you will probably be able to handle this job.

Whether you are using filler or paint to fix the blemish, the key is to lightly prep the area using auto body sandpaper. This is extremely smooth sandpaper, that lately bath out the surface without removing the paint. This creates a surface that the paint or auto filler will stick better too. Additionally, if you are using body filler, you will need to sand it once it dries.

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