Things To Know As A New European Car Owner


European cars are highly regarded as high performance and in some cases luxury cars. You are dreaming of having a BMW, a Range Rover or a Mercedes, but are probably worried about repairs. You have heard many rumors about European cars and don't know which ones to believe. Below, we put the record straight on what you really need to know about euro car repair.

Special Skills

One common mistake that motorists make is to assume that every mechanic can fix any car. European cars are more complex than others; they therefore require specialized skills to repair. Before you entrust your European car to a mechanic, make sure he has the necessary training to handle the car, and better still the model.

Special Equipment

Since European cars are somewhat different, they require special software for diagnosis. Not every auto repair shop has this kind of equipment.


Contrary to popular belief, European cars are not necessarily more expensive to repair than other cars. The key factor here is to maintain a regular maintenance schedule to reduce the need for repairs

Where to Have it Repaired

There is a common myth that you can only have your European car fixed at a dealership. That is wrong. You can have your car fixed at a dealership but the cost is often high to the point of discouraging you from buying a European car.

The dealership may also not have the necessary skills to repair your European car. Fortunately, there are numerous euro car repair shops where you can get high quality and affordable repair services. So what do you look for in a euro car repair shop?

Look for a specialized rather than a generic auto repair shop. Shops that specialize in a few models are often better as they have a deeper knowledge of those models. Find out if the mechanics have the right training to fix your model of car. Do they have the right equipment for the job? Are they certified to handle your car? Your euro repair shop should also be well stocked with parts. In case they are missing a part, they should be able to quickly source for relevant, good quality parts.

European cars are specialized, but that does not mean that you can only have it repaired at a dealership. You have the option of a European car repair shop which has the necessary expertise and equipment for the job, all at an affordable price.