Is Your Steering Wheel Vibrating? It Could Be Due To These 4 Reasons

Have you noticed that your vehicle's steering wheel is vibrating as you're driving down the road? This is a reason to be concerned because the vibrations could be caused by one of the following problems. 

Your Wheels Are Not Balanced

When you install tires on your vehicle, part of the process involves placing small weights around the rim of the tire to balance the weight. The wheels turn incredibly quickly when on the road, and the wheels need to be balanced to spin smoothly. Those small weights make a big difference and can help smooth out your ride by adding an ounce or two of weight to certain parts of the wheel. If weights have come off the wheels or the wheels were not balanced in the first place, it can cause vibrations to travel up to the steering wheel. 

Your Wheels Are Not Aligned

Many people only think of getting a wheel alignment done when they notice their vehicle pulling to the side of the road. However, wheels that are out of alignment can also cause the vehicle's steering wheel to shake. If you recently hit a hard object with your tires, like a curb, it can throw your car out of alignment and cause that vibration to happen. You'll need to take your vehicle to a local auto shop to have the wheels realigned to stop the vibrations from happening

Your Wheel Hub Bearings Are Broken

The wheel hub bearings are another part that can lead to steering wheel vibrations, but it is a bit harder to diagnose based just on steering wheel vibration. You want to pay attention to other problems that are happening at the same time. There is usually a sound associated with bad wheel hub bearings, such as a rumbling or humming sound that gets louder when you turn your vehicle. Grinding is also likely to occur when the vehicle is in motion. 

Your Brakes Are In Need Of Repair

If you experience vibration when you apply pressure to the brakes, then this is a good indication that the cause is the brakes. It may be something as simple as worn brake pads that need to be replaced or warped brake rotors that need to be repaired or replaced. You won't know for sure what the problem is unless you have a mechanic take the tires off your vehicle and get a good look at them.

For more information, visit an auto repair shop in your area.