Riding And Rolling Big: 3 Suspension And Brake Improvements For Larger Wheels

If you want your car to have a modern look and feel, adding larger wheels is a great project. Before you get started with adding wheels to your car, there is going to be some preparation work that needs to be done. Your brakes and suspension will need to be adapted to fit the larger wheels. You will also want to choose wheels and tire sizes that fit inside the existing wheel wells.

Tackling The Twisties: Three Often-Overlooked Upgrades That Will Make Your Car Handle More Like A Go-Kart

When it comes to improving a car's cornering ability, a lot of drivers think it's sufficient to simply upgrade their stock springs and shocks with an aftermarket coilover kit. Performance coilovers certainly can improve your car's handling: they reduce its ride height which lowers its center of gravity. They also use stiffer springs and shocks to reduce body roll when cornering at high speeds. However, if you want to get maximum handling performance out of your car, aftermarket coilovers are only the start of the story.

Detecting And Fixing Frustrating Transmission Problems

Do you think something may be wrong with your vehicle's transmission? It's important to keep your transmission in good working order or else your vehicle will probably stop working altogether. After all, the transmission is what helps to keep those wheels moving when you're driving down the road. If you're not too sure what's going on, be aware of the common signs of problems and then have your vehicle inspected.

3 Guidelines for the Collision Repair You Seek

When you get into a wreck with another driver and need to be certain that you are covered and able to get your vehicle back on track, it starts with the steps you take. Whether this case gets paid out with the other driver cutting a check, the insurance company coming through or having to explain your case in front of the judge, you'll need to know how to proceed. With this in mind, read on and follow these strategies to the best of your ability.

3 Types Of Car Maintenance You Shouldn'T Ignore

When it comes to car maintenance, many drivers do not think of having work done on their car until it breaks down. Unfortunately, that is the wrong way to go about handling maintenance. Routine maintenance will keep your vehicle running instead of leaving you stranded on the side of the road. Be sure to have a mechanic periodically look at the following areas. Brakes Your car's brakes are crucial when it comes to safety, which is why it is definitely one area of your car you should not ignore.