Riding And Rolling Big: 3 Suspension And Brake Improvements For Larger Wheels

If you want your car to have a modern look and feel, adding larger wheels is a great project. Before you get started with adding wheels to your car, there is going to be some preparation work that needs to be done. Your brakes and suspension will need to be adapted to fit the larger wheels. You will also want to choose wheels and tire sizes that fit inside the existing wheel wells. Here are some of the brake and suspension improvements that will be needed for larger wheels on your car:

1. Raising the Suspension with Larger, Stiffer Springs

The first thing that you will want to do when updating your car, is making sure that the suspension will support the larger wheels. To slightly raise your suspension, you may want to install larger, stiffer springs. When you replace the springs, you will also need to install new shocks or struts. There are also spring spacers that can be used to raise the height of your car's suspension, but this is not as good as properly upgrading your suspension with the right parts.

2. Installing Larger Brake Disks and Calipers to Fit New Wheels

The brakes are one of the most important components of your car, and when you have larger wheels, you will also want to have the stopping power that you need. When doing the upgrades, consider installing larger disks to fit the new wheels. In addition, you may want to replace rear drum brakes with modern disks to give your car the best possible brake system and handling.

3. Choosing the Right Size Wheels That Will Fit Your Car

While you may want to be riding high on 20s, this may not be the best decision for every car. Consider the size of your wheel-wells and the largest size tires and wheels that will fit on your car. You will want to have a combination of tires and wheels that also help give your car the best performance and handling. Sometimes, a slightly larger tire and smaller rim will be more affordable than getting the biggest wheels that fit on your car.

These are some of the improvements that will need to be done to your suspension and brakes when you are planning on installing larger wheels on your car. If you need help with some of these improvements, contact an auto repair shop, like Car And Truck Services Inc., to help with the project.