3 Auto Body Repairs To Expect After Side Collisions

Side collisions have different vehicle damages than frontal or rear-end collisions. They can occur in the form of an accident that is referred to as a "T-Bone," which is when the front of one vehicle hits the side of another vehicle. The formation of the two vehicles after the accident resembles a "T". Another type of side collision is referred to as a side swipe. This involves two vehicles colliding with each other's sides.

The damages from side impact collisions may be minor or major. Some vehicles are drivable after these car accidents, but many are deemed unsafe to drive until auto body repair is performed. The following points highlight a few damages that can occur from side collisions.

Broken Glass

A side collision can cause lights and window glass to break. The area that receives the impact is the area to expect these damages. Some side collisions may cause damage to side-view mirrors and windows. If the impact is high, windshield damage may occur despite the accident being a side collision. Broken or cracked glass may seem minor, but it will allow moisture into a vehicle. This could result in damage to the interior of vehicles that are drivable after a collision.

Damaged Door Panels

There is usually damage to door panels after side collisions. The damages could be minor such as scrapes, scratches, or dents. However, T-Bone collisions are likely to cause significant damage to door panels. The affected door(s) may be non-functional after the collision and bent to the point that the doors need to be replaced. 

Bent Wheels

A telltale sign of a bent wheel is that it will sit at an odd angle after a collision. However, sometimes a bent wheel isn't as obvious. If a vehicle is driveable after a collision, the driver may notice a different riding pattern than usual. The tires may appear to make a thumping sound, and the vehicle may shift to one side during operation. The steering wheel may also vibrate. These are also signs that a vehicle is misaligned.

Auto body repairing will likely include inspecting the body frame for damage, repairs to the bent wheel(s), and alignment. If these services are not performed, the driver will likely experience tires wearing out before the end of their lifespan and poor fuel efficiency.

An auto body repair shop is a good local resource to use after a side collision. They can determine if a drivable vehicle is repairable. Sometimes their services involve providing estimates for collision damages. It is possible for a drivable vehicle to be considered totaled out if the auto body repair costs exceed the value of the vehicle.