Why Your Car Might Be Making More Noise Than Usual

Car noises can be downright annoying. Squeaks, rattles, hums, and buzzes can make any car owner cringe. But no car is immune to developing these types of noises over time.

However, there are a few reasons why an older car is more likely to develop them.

A Loose Heat Shield

A car's engine produces a lot of heat due to the engine combustion process. The engine is typically cooled by water and oil. To keep the heat from escaping and damaging other parts of the car, a heat shield is used. This metal cover helps deflect the heat away from sensitive components and areas.

The heat shield is usually fastened to the car using bolts or rivets. Over time, these bolts or rivets can loosen and fall out. When this happens, the heat shield will start to rattle when the car is in motion. The noise is usually more pronounced when you first start the car. In some cases, it may even fall off completely.

If you hear a rattling noise from under the hood, having a mechanic check it out is a good idea. They can tell if the heat shield is loose and whether it needs to be tightened or replaced.

A Worn-Out Exhaust System

Another common source of car noise is a worn-out exhaust system. The exhaust system carries the car's exhaust fumes away from the engine. It consists of a series of pipes that lead from the engine to the car's tailpipe.

Over time, the exhaust system can slowly detach from the car. This usually happens at the welds or joints, where the pipes are attached to each other. When this happens, you'll hear a loud rattling noise coming from the car's underside. In some cases, the exhaust pipe may start to scrape against the ground, making a loud screeching noise.

If you hear this type of noise, it's important to get the car to a mechanic right away. A damaged exhaust system is a serious safety hazard. It can cause the car to overheat and lead to carbon monoxide poisoning since the fumes are no longer being properly vented away from the car.

Worn-Out Suspension Components

One of the most common car noise complaints is a rattling or creaking noise that seems to be coming from the car's suspension. The suspension is responsible for absorbing the impact of bumps and potholes in the road. It consists of a series of springs, shock absorbers, and other components.

Over time, these suspension components can wear out. When they do, you'll start to hear a rattling noise when you go over bumps. In some cases, the car may even feel like it's bouncing more than usual. This symptom, coupled with the noise, indicates that the car's suspension needs some attention.

Usually, the best fix for this problem is to replace the car's worn-out suspension components. In some cases, however, you may be able to get by with just having the car's shocks, and springs serviced. For more information on car repair, contact a professional near you.