What To Do When Your Mower Or Yard Equipment Is Not Working Correctly

Lawn tractors, mowers, and gas trimmers you use around your property have internal combustion engines, but the way the engines work is a little different than automotive engines. These engines are often less complex than larger ones, but the engine systems can be more challenging to work on, and you may need a small engine repair service to help. 

Engine Service  

The best way to keep your small engines running at their peak performance levels is to service them regularly and keep the engine clean. Most small engines are air-cooled, so if there is a lot of dirt and other debris on the engine block, it can reduce the amount of air contact over the cooling fins.

Small engines that run too hot can not compensate for the lack of lubrication, and often the internal parts get too hot. The result can be a locked-up engine. A small engine repair service might be able to help, but if the heat was too high, the internal damage could be too involved to repair the engine. 

Changing the oil regularly, cleaning the outside of the engine, and replacing all the filters is the best way to prevent issues with the equipment. If you are uncomfortable or do not have the tools to service the engine, your local small engine repair shop can handle the service work for you.

Engine Tune-Ups

Small engines need tune-ups occasionally to ensure they are running at their best. If your small engine is running rough or not idling well, you may have a problem with the spark plug or the ignition system. Having the small engine repair service go over the engine for you is the best way to diagnose the problem and make necessary repairs. 

Many small engines still use ignition points and a magneto to create a spark, and if the ignition points are worn or dirty, they may need adjusting or replacement. Getting the ignition points set correctly can be challenging if you are unfamiliar with them. However, a small engine repair service can look up the specifications and easily adjust the points. 

It is also vital that the spark plug is in good shape with a properly set gap to ensure it creates the correct amount of spark in the cylinder to fire the fuel/air mix and produce the power needed to operate the equipment. In two-stroke engines that use oil and gasoline mixes to power and lubricate the engine, the spark plug can get coated with oil and may need cleaning. 

If your engine is not running well, you can remove the spark plug, inspect it, and clean it to see if there is an improvement. If that does not help, you may need to take the equipment to the small engine repair service and have the engine checked thoroughly.