What Is Completed During A Car Air Conditioning Inspection?

In the spring months, it is recommended that you bring your vehicle to your preferred mechanic and have them check your car's air conditioning system. This service helps to ensure that your air conditioning system is ready for the warm weather that is coming your way in summer. If your car's system is not ready, it gives you time to have your car's air conditioning system repaired. Here are three of the things that are completed during a car air conditioning inspection service. 

The Hoses and Belts Are Inspected

Your automobile's air conditioning system uses both hoses and belts to function properly. Unfortunately, extreme temperatures, road salts that are used to melt ice, and age can all negatively affect these belts and hoses. They can cause the belt or hose to crack or break. A mechanic will inspect your car's air conditioning system belts and hoses to ensure they are in good condition, and if they are not, will advise that they be replaced. 

The Refrigerant Level is Checked and Topped Off

Refrigerant is the chemical compound that is responsible for cooling hot air. If your car does not have enough refrigerant, it may be unable to cool the air as cold as you would like or may be unable to produce any cold air, depending on how low the refrigerant level has reached. During an air conditioning inspection, a mechanic will check your refrigerant level, and add more or top off your refrigerant if your system is running low. 

The Air Pressure is Tested

Lastly, a mechanic will take the time to check the air pressure when your air conditioning system is operating. If there is little air being blown out of the vents, there may be a problem with either the air compressor or the blower. If one of these problems is present, the part will need to be replaced to ensure your car can blow cold air into your vehicle once summer hits. 

No one wants to get into a sweltering car in the summer only to realize that their air conditioning system is not working. It is recommended that you take the time to bring your car to a mechanic who can check out your air conditioning system in the spring months, helping to prevent the scenario described above. The mechanic can check hoses and belts, ensure your air conditioning system has the refrigerant it needs to cool air, and test the air pressure, to ensure your compressor and blower are both working appropriately. Schedule your car air conditioning service today.