Maintaining 2 Critical Parts on Your Semi Truck to Ensure Safety and Reliability

Driving a commercial semi-truck every day comes with some responsibilities like keeping the truck in good condition, so it is safe to drive on public roads. Semi-truck repair and maintenance play a significant role in keeping the truck running and making sure you do not end up in an accident because something on the truck failed.

1. Tires Maintenance

One of the most critical parts of any commercial truck is the tires. If the tires on your truck are worn badly, they could fail under the weight of a load, causing you to lose control and have an accident. A collision with a semi-truck is serious, and if you get the truck off the road without hitting any other vehicles, the trailer, the truck, and the load could all be damaged.

Changing any questionable tires is critical, and you may want to take the truck to a commercial truck repair to have the work done. The tires are too heavy and too large to handle on your own unless you have special equipment, but a semi-truck repair shop is prepared to deal with these tires and can do the work for you.

If you suspect a tire is damaged on your truck, have the repair shop inspect all of the tires for you. The only way to get a good look at the inner tires on the drive axles is to remove the outer tire. The commercial truck repair shop can pull all the tires off to check them for you, and if there is damage to a tire, they can replace it at the same time.

2. Brake Services

The brake system on a semi-truck is complex, and if it is not working correctly can make it difficult to stop the truck. Adding a loaded trailer to the truck makes the situation worse, especially if the problem is in the air system and the trailer brakes are not engaging. A visual inspection of the brake system can only be done correctly with the tires off the truck, so having a commercial truck repair shop check the brakes for you is often the best option. 

The truck technician should check for brake shoes or pad wear and leaks in the air system that controls the brakes. The lines shouldn't be leaking, the air tank is in good shape, the compressor is functioning correctly, and the air drier is operating.

If the air pressure in the system starts to drop for any reason, the brakes will come on and they will eventually lock. This will make it impossible to move the truck. If the repair shop detects a leak anywhere in the system during the inspection, address the issue right away. Don't drive the truck until the tech says it is safe. 

For more insight, contact semi-truck repair services.