Three Signs Of Engine Exhaust Issues

Your vehicle's exhaust system is an integral part of the operation of your engine. A damaged or improperly operating exhaust and muffler can negatively affect how well your engine is able to vent gases it creates from burning fuels, thus leading to reduced fuel efficiency and performance. Understanding what three of the most common signs of exhaust system problems are can help you determine when you should head to a mechanic to inspect and repair your system. 

Increased Noise

One of the first indications that there is something wrong with your car's exhaust system is an increase in the amount of noise that your vehicle generates while driving. Damage, leaks, and holes in your exhaust system, and your muffler more specifically, can drastically increase the amount of noise – usually a rumbling or rattling sound – that is created even while driving at lower speeds. This is more than a simple annoyance, and can usually indicate that your exhaust system is forcing your engine to work less efficiently due to improper venting, leading to reduced fuel efficiency as well as increasing the chances that your car will be unable to pass an emissions test.

Vibrations and Shaking

An additional common sign of problems with your exhaust system is the presence of constant vibrations that cause the entirety of your vehicle to shake. This points to either a severe leak in the exhaust system, which is causing the entire vehicle to shake as gases are vented at high pressure out of the system before they are able to reach the muffler, or because of damage to the supports and screws holding the exhaust system in place, which makes the risk of parts literally falling off of your car a real possibility. In either case, you'll want to have a professional inspect and determine the cause of the shaking, since it can drastically reduce the amount of control that you have over your vehicle while moving at higher speeds.


Another clear sign that your car's exhaust system is not properly venting gases away from your engine is if you can smell any sort of exhaust gas within the cabin of your vehicle while driving. This points to a serious leak caused by a cracked section of your exhaust system, and can represent a serious health hazard with prolonged exposure.  You should head to a shop like Teloloapan  Muffler &  Brakes II Inc straight away if you smell burning or smoke in the interior of your car while driving.