3 Big Reasons To Replace Your Damaged Windshield

Have you recently had your windshield damaged in a minor accident? Are you currently making excuses as to why you haven't yet taken it in for repairs? A windshield is one of the largest parts of a car that can become damaged and the car itself is still able to drive around. This makes it all too easy to ignore your windshield when it becomes damaged and to put off taking your vehicle in to have it replaced. However, there are a number of reasons why you should still consider getting your windshield repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. Some of the best reasons include:

Avoid tickets: Most municipalities have laws in place that make it illegal to drive around with a damaged windshield. In some instances, a small amount of damage might be overlooked but the more damage to the glass the more likely it is that you're going to get a ticket. While you may not get pulled over solely because of the state of your windshield, having a damaged windshield might also make it more likely that the police are going to notice you and ticket you for minor traffic violations that might otherwise normally get overlooked. Even if you can later get the ticket dismissed or reduced, getting a windshield replacement as soon as possible will help to prevent this hassle.

Little to no cost: Depending on your insurance policy, you may be able to get a windshield replacement at little to no out of pocket cost. It's not uncommon for an insurance company to fully cover the cost of getting a new windshield installed. Before assuming that your insurance company doesn't do this, it's important to actually read your policy and to get in touch with your insurance agent.

Fast service: One of the biggest reasons why people delay getting a windshield replacement is due to the perceived time that it will take to do this. While it is true that, at least a few decades ago, some windshield replacements could require leaving your vehicle at the shop all day, this is no longer true. Depending on the companies around you, it's not uncommon for a modern replacement to take an hour or less. Some companies will even offer a mobile service, allowing you to easily have your windshield fixed during your lunch break at work or while you have your young children down for a nap at home.