Three Benefits Of Hiring An Onsite Semi Repair Crew For Your Fleet

You run a major shipping business. You have dozens of semi trucks in your fleet. It takes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to keep your trucks in good running shape. Maybe it is time you considered hiring an onsite semi repair crew. Here are three benefits of doing so.

You Never Have to Schedule an Appointment with a Heavy Duty Truck Repair Shop

Right now, you have to schedule appointments for maintenance and repairs because it is not as though you can just drive or haul a semi into a heavy duty repair shop and have it fixed in a day. This puts these trucks out of commission until they can be taken to the repair shop. If you already have your own onsite repair crew, they are on the job right away.

You Will Always Know Exactly When the Trucks Will Be Ready to Roll out Again

With other heavy duty repair services, you never know when you will get your trucks back. Those shops have lots of other trucks on which they are making repairs. It could be days, or it could be weeks. With your own onsite crew, you know exactly when your trucks will be ready because your repair crew will tell you what has to be done and how long it will take. Plus, they are not working on anyone else's trucks--just yours.

You Are in Control of the Repair Time Table and Budget

Think about that; you are totally in control of the time table for repairs and maintenance. You can decide when and how quickly this truck or that truck is repaired. You also control the repair budget by tracking down parts that are less expensive and how often your repair crew works. 

Hiring an Onsite Crew That Works Offsite

There are also onsite repair crews that work on demand, but fill the gaps in their schedules by repairing trucks for other companies. You could do that as well, if it fits with your schedules and finances better. Most trucking companies find that they like having their own repair crews onsite. It makes a lot of the repairs and maintenance easier, less time-consuming, and less demanding. It is also quite a bit less expensive. Having the trucks onsite while repairs are made reduces transportation costs; you never need to constantly pay for heavy duty tows to the repair shops nor back to the warehouse.

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