Have A Truck With No Air Conditioning And A Bad Odor? What To Do

If there is a foul odor in your commercial truck and the air conditioning isn't working like it usually does, it's time to get the vehicle looked at. Even if you think you can drive without the air conditioning, if there is another problem with the vehicle, you don't want to risk driving the vehicle and making the problem worse. You also don't want the vehicle to break down and leave you stranded on the side of the road. Here are a few things that you should talk with the mechanic about, and that you may expect to need work:


As the radiator heats up it can overheat and smoke, and produce an odor like something is burning inside the vehicle. The radiator fluid may be low or have a leak, or there could be something wrong that the fluid is reaching high temperatures, or the radiator is overheating. You may need to have the radiator flushed, the fluid changed, or another repair for the problem.

Air Conditioning

If the air conditioning is out of Freon there could be a burning smell, along with having a dirty air filter. You want to have the air conditioning checked and fixed so you can keep driving in comfort, and so you can rule out the possibility that there are other mechanical problems wrong with the vehicle. Fluid change, filter replacement, and sensor replacement can often be a quick fix to problems with the air conditioning for mechanics.


There is a thermostat that is supposed to help regulate the temperature of air that the car produces to deliver hot or cold air. If the thermostat isn't working properly, then the cold air might not be getting produced by the vehicle, and that's why you aren't feeling the cold air that you are interested in.

High temperatures in the vehicle along with foul odors often indicate that there is a problem with the vehicle, and you want to get the vehicle fixed right away. Talk with a commercial truck mechanic in your area to see when they can get your truck in to be seen, and talk about getting a tune-up at that time if it's necessary. There are a lot of different things that could be wrong, but you don't want to end up doing a lot of costly damage to the vehicle because you didn't take it to get looked at.

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