Understanding A Transmission Fluid Leak Issue

Most people understand the vehicles have a number of fluids that need to be changed or replaced over time. Evaporation, small pinhole leaks, and degradation of the fluid are all reasons why a bit of new fluid may need to be poured in each reservoir. While this is true, you may notice that you need to add more and more fluid to the transmission fluid reservoir. Keep reading to learn why this may be the case.

A Leak Issue

It is probably obvious that missing transmission fluid means that there is a leak somewhere in the system. While this is not always true, if large quantities of transmission fluid seem to disappear, then a leak should be suspected. There are many possible leak locations, and they often indicate a gap somewhere in the system. Basically, a gap means that there is an open space somewhere where the fluid is able to leak. The most common gap areas include along the transmission pan, around the gasket, and along the fluid lines.

It can be difficult to find a gap location without the assistance of a mechanic, but you can investigate the transmission pan and the gasket fairly easily. The transmission pan is a rectangular metal pan that sits underneath your car close to the front of the vehicle. If you know where your transmission is, then look for the center section of it and you will find the pan connected with several bolts. Run your fingers along the pan to see if you feel any fluid. If you do, then check to make sure that all of the pan bolts are secured in place. If one is loose, then tighten it to see if this resolved the issue. If it does not, then remove all of the bolts and investigate the pan gasket for ant breaks. Keep in mind that all of the transmission fluid will flow out of the system once you remove the pan, so make sure that a container is positioned underneath so the fluid can be caught.

Gasket Problems

The transmission contains a number of seals and gaskets and these rubber pieces will age, dry out, and crack. When this happens, the transmission fluid will leak out of the system. Typically, you will notice some gear shifting problems when the seals start to age. Your vehicle may not engage when you change gears or it may slip out of gear once you do start to drive. 

Gasket and seal issues mean that you may need a transmission rebuild. However, you can try to postpone this with an additive. Transmission fix fluids, leak repair compounds, and gasket fix fluids can all help. Simply squeeze the fluid into the transmission reservoir to see if this helps the situation. Contact a shop, like AC Transmission Centers North, for more help.