3 Questions to Ask When Replacing Car Glass

More than ever, fixing car glass that's smashed or cracked is a simple repair. However, to ensure the replacement work will be durable and last, asking these questions is recommended.

What Glass Will Be Used?

As long as there's new glass on the car, it might not even occur to you that you should ask any questions about the type of auto glass the technician will be installing. However, you should know that the new glass could be different from the glass that you previously had on your car. This could be important to you if, for instance, you know that your car's manufacturer installed high-quality glass that blocked UV rays or had other special qualities.

Because many people don't bother to ask, some glass companies will bring generic, standard glass and mount it without any conversation. Be sure that you're asking about the quality and type used for your specific vehicle before the technician drives out to you.

When Will the Adhesive Dry?

Adhesive will lock glass into place, and different brands can be used on different glass and vehicles. Typically you'll need to refrain from operating your car until the adhesive has had time to set. Without knowing this of course, you could drive off and experience additional glass problems. The technician should be able to give you a clear time frame to respect so that there aren't new glass issues. Of course, once you know when the adhesive will be finished drying, ensure that you wait patiently.

What Does the Warranty Provide?

A warranty should be something you look for before allowing a glass replacement company to even work on your car, but don't assume that all warranties offer similar protections for you and the car. Some warranties last many months, while others can last a mere few weeks. Some warranties, for example, will cover auto glass leaks within a specific period after installation. However, you may want to ensure you're protected in the case of cracks due to pressure or other problems.

If you can get a copy of the warranty so you can read it and compare it to different company warranties, that may be worth doing too.

When asking the questions here, you should be able to trust your auto glass replacement. If you're able to, do additional research on local auto glass replacement businesses so you can be happy with both the glasswork and the company.