Is Your Car's Engine In Distress?

Of all the problems your car can have, engine trouble might be the worst. Without a functioning engine, your excursions could be limited to your garage or driveway. Therefore, it is important that you immediately act when the first signs of engine trouble surface.

What Are the Signs?

Unless you have an older model car, one of the first signs that you will receive that your engine is in distress is the "Check Engine" light might turn on. The light does not necessarily mean the engine is the source of the problem. It could mean that another component that directly interacts with the engine is in trouble and affecting its performance.

An unfortunate sign could be that the car experiences a loss of power. When that happens, it could be a temporary hiccup, or it could prevent the car from moving, period. If this happens, there is a chance that the car's combustion cycle is experiencing problems.

Another sign could be the engine seems to run or idle roughly. This is likely caused by the spark plugs being clogged and needing to be changed. Your car's fuel could also be to blame.

If your car is making strange noises when you start it, the engine could be at fault. Knocking, popping, and hissing could be signs that the combustion cycle is being interrupted.

What Can You Do?

One of the most important steps you can take if your car seems to be having engine trouble is to stop driving it. Depending on the problem, driving it could make the situation worse. Instead of needing an inexpensive repair, you could be faced with completely replacing the engine and head gasket.

If the "Check Engine" light is activated, you can use a code scanner to determine the cause of the alert. You can find a code scanner at your local auto parts store. Review the manual to learn how to read the code.

You can eliminate the spark plugs as the culprit if you know where they are located. Check them to determine if they are clogged and in need of replacement.

If the problems started shortly after you refueled, consider adding a gas treatment to your tank. The treatment will help to improve the quality of the fuel.

If your engine is still showing signs of distress, you need to have it examined by an auto mechanic at shops like Redford Auto Repair. The mechanic will determine the cause, fix it, and give you tips to protect the engine in the future.